ADRIA PACKING DOO is a recognized manufacturer of wooden packaging and pallets based in Serbia. Since our establishment in 2011, our company has excelled in the production of wooden pallets, specialized industrial solutions, packaging lids, and crates. Our commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in every piece of our wooden packaging.

We take particular pride in the heat treatment we apply in accordance with IPPC standards, ensuring that our packaging is free from potential parasites or pests. Additionally, our product range includes EPAL-EURO pallets manufactured according to European standards, making them an excellent choice for various needs.

We collaborate with customers in Serbia and the region, offering customized solutions that precisely meet their requirements. ADRIA PACKING DOO is synonymous with quality, durability, and professionalism in the field of wooden packaging.

Our Core Values

At ADRIA PACKING DOO, our core values are the foundation of our success and identity. These values shape our daily practices and our business culture. Here are a few key values that define us:

Our mission is simple – to provide high-quality wooden packaging and pallets that meet the highest standards. We strive for impeccable quality and reliability in all aspects of our business. From selecting raw materials, through all processing stages, to the creation of the final product that reaches our customers, we implement strict controls and standards to ensure that each product reflects our commitment to top-quality.
We are committed to preserving the environment and promoting sustainable practices in our industry. We advocate for actively reducing our ecological footprint through resource efficiency and material recycling. Our efforts to reduce waste, use renewable energy sources, and minimize the emission of harmful substances make us responsible stewards of our planet. Sustainability is not just a part of our business strategy; it is deeply rooted in our business philosophy.
We understand that our clients are our most valuable asset, and their success and satisfaction are of paramount importance. Our clients are the heart of our business. We proudly collaborate with companies across Serbia and neighboring regions, providing customized solutions that cater to their specific needs. Your success is our success.
We constantly strive to enhance our knowledge and skills to meet the highest quality standards. We ensure that our experts stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the wooden packaging industry. This dedication to expertise makes us reliable partners for all your pallet and packaging needs.

Your safety and the protection of your goods are our top priorities. That’s why we apply heat treatment according to IPPC standards to ensure that our wooden packaging is free from pests and parasites. Safety is an integral part of our commitment to quality.

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