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ADRIA PACKING DOO is a recognized manufacturer of wooden packaging and pallets based in Serbia. Since our establishment in 2011, our company has excelled in the production of wooden pallets, customized industrial solutions, packaging lids, and crates.

We take particular pride in the heat treatment process in compliance with IPPC standards that we apply, ensuring that our packaging is free from potential parasites or pests. In our product range, you’ll also find EPAL-EURO pallets manufactured according to European standards, which serve as an excellent choice for various needs.

We collaborate with customers in Serbia and the surrounding region, providing tailored solutions that precisely match their requirements. ADRIA PACKING DOO is synonymous with quality, durability, and professionalism in the field of wooden packaging.


Single-Use Pallets

Single-use pallets are our primary and specialized product. They can be crafted in various sizes, depending on the type and purpose.

Box Pallets

Box pallets are used for various industrial packaging needs. They can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. We also offer treatment in compliance with IPPC standards.

Euro Pallets

Our most prevalent product, Euro pallets, is the only one for which we offer repair and replacement services. They are manufactured according to EPAL standards and sourced directly from manufacturers.

Heat Treatment

During the heat treatment process, the core of the wood is heated for a minimum of 30 minutes at a temperature of 56°C, eliminating potential parasites or pests.

Wood Pellet
Production Line

Pellets are becoming an increasingly popular choice for heating during the cold winter months. There are several reasons for this trend: pellets are clean, easy to use, cost-effective, and require minimal effort. Pellet stoves are straightforward and operate automatically.


Here, we share with you a visual story of the process behind the creation of our pallets. From raw materials to the final products that reach the market, each step is carefully designed and executed.

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